Harrow Cyclists is a local borough group of the London Cycling Campaign. On our website you can find out about our campaigning activity and our vision for cycling in Harrow.

Liveable Neighbourhood campaign 

We are calling upon all parties to commit to building a high quality Liveable Neighbourhood in Harrow. Specifically, we are asking that they:

  1. Appoint a councillor to champion the cycling strategy.
  2. Learn from best practice by visiting one of the existing Mini-Hollands.
  3. Remove through motor traffic from residential areas, as in Waltham Forest.
  4. Build segregated cycle lanes along Station Road and other desire lines identified in TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis
  5. Implement a parking strategy throughout Harrow, to encourage alternatives to car ownership, prevent parked cars from blocking cycle lanes and bus routes, raise money for road improvements and ensure that parking is available to those who need it.
  6. Submit a high quality £10million Liveable Neighbourhood bid for an initial cycle network in central Harrow, and expand it in future years with cycle routes reaching all parts of the borough.

Liveable Neighbourhood rally – 7 Apr 2018

Group cycle rides near Harrow

Email list

Our main method of communication is via the mailing list. To join please send a mail to harrowcyclists-subscribe@yahoogroups.co.uk.

To find out about our rides, join our Letsride group: https://www.letsride.co.uk/groups/harrow-cyclists

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a borough group of the London Cycling Campaign