Annual General Meeting, 4 May 2016

Attendees: Tony Levene, Anoop Shah, David Turner, Alan Blann, Veronica

Annual general meeting

1. Review of year

This year we successfully led a ride to Ride London in August 2015, we attended TARSAP meetings and other meetings with council officers and councillors and organised a lunchtime bike ride for the council. We have had discussions with politicians including Barry Kendler (head of TARSAP) and Navin Shah (our London Assembly member). Meeting attendance has been variable. We tried holding meetings in a pub but it was a noisy environment and did not lead to a significant increase in membership, so we have reverted to meetings at Tony’s house.

2. Accounts

Income: £180 from Prudential RideLondon feeder ride. Other income: £4 bank interest. Expenditure: £19 on meetings. Closing bank balance as at 31 March 2016: £1733.

Accounts approved by treasurer, secretary and co-ordinator.

3. Election of officers

Co-ordinator – Tony Levene re-elected

Secretary – Anoop Shah re-elected

Treasurer – David Turner re-elected

Rides – vacant position, any interest would be welcome (Veronica does rides for Breeze but does not have time to do general rides)

Website – Glenn has set up the infrastructure but now lives abroad, Ayesha set up the website but has not been involved recently, any interest would be welcome

4. Any other business

New Harrow constitution (based on LCC model constitution) approved by AGM.

Regular meeting

1. State of play at the council

We will approach the council after the Mayoral election to discuss new cycling schemes. We suggest encouraging Brent and Harrow councils to work together and hold a joint event with councillors and officers, with speakers from TfL and the mini-Holland boroughs. We would aim for September or October as a date for this meeting.

2. Mayoral manifestos and LCC actions

All Mayoral candidates have endorsed LCC’s motions for a mini-Holland in every borough.

3. Ride London

We expect we will be asked to lead a ride to the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle on Saturday 31 July 2016. However, David and Tony will not be available that day. Veronica has agreed to lead the ride. David will ask Watford Spokes members if they would be willing to help.

We are in need of more marshals so please let us know if anyone else would be willing to help out.

4. Next meeting

Wed 15 June 2016, 7.30pm at Tony’s house (60 Longley Road)

5. Any other business

We would advise the council to develop high quality mini-Holland proposals. The proposals for the last cycle were hastily put together. Harrow engineers do not have experience of building high quality cycle facilities and have been refusing to implement the current London Cycle Design Standards. For a mini-Holland to be successfully planned and built in Harrow, appropriate people need to be employed on the project. If this cannot be found within the council, they need to budget consultancy money for developing schemes (e.g. consultancy services bought from LCC, which has contributed to the success of the Walthamstow mini-Holland).