Annual General Meeting, 30 May 2018

Our Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 30 May 2018, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road, Harrow, HA1 4TH.


1. Review of the year

We started a series of regular rides, with 8 over the past year, with about 8 people on each ride. We have been using the Letsride website to advertise the rides. A few people have been coming quite regularly.

We organised a ride to the Ride London Freecycle on 29 July 2017, with about 40 people on the outward ride and 15 on the return ride.

We organised a rally for councillors and candidates before the local council elections, and new leaflet to promote our Liveable Neighbourhood campaign.

2. Finances

Income: £360 from Ride London (2016-2017), £2 bank interest
Closing balance £2095 as at 31/3/2018.
Expenditure: (not yet reimbursed) approx £100 for leaflets, web hosting, domain name registration.
Accounts approved. David is the first signatory and Anoop will be the second signatory.

3. Election of new committee:

  • Co-ordinator – Tony elected unopposed
  • Treasurer – David elected unopposed
  • Secretary – Anoop elected unopposed
  • Rides co-ordinator – Veronica elected unopposed

We have potential roles for a campaign co-ordinator, webmaster and social media. Any interested members are advised to get in touch

4. Liveable Neighbourhood campaign

Varsha Parmar is the new portfolio holder for the environment, and we will liaise with her to advocate for new cycling schemes in Harrow.

We will organise a visit to Waltham Forest for councillors and officers. Even if they are not able to cycle, many of the important improvements in Walthamstow Village can be seen on foot.

We should organise a meeting with Varsha Parmar and also talk with Pamela Fitzpatrick, Sue Anderson and Philip O’Dell, who have been supportive of cycling.

5. Future rides

We will lead a ride to the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle on 28 July 2018, starting at 09:00 from Tesco on Hindes Road (we will check with Debbie @TescoHarrow, Tesco’s community liaison officer, and ask if there is anything they wish to do to support the ride, e.g. fruit, chocolate). We previously used to start at Harrow-on-the-Hill station but lift construction works at the station will obstruct our usual route. We will lead a return ride at 3.30pm. Tony will lead the outbound ride and Veronica will lead the return ride.

We will distribute leaflets at the start of the ride and encourage members to join LCC.

Potential marshals: Rhys, Penny, Mark, Althea Ludrick (new Breeze champion in Harrow – Veronica will ask her)

We need to communicate the change of start location.

6. Date of next meeting

Wed 4 July 2018, 7.30pm

7. Any other business

GDPR – we have a yahoo mailing list and a letsride group which are used to contact our members about cycling issues. We do not pass this information to third parties and no information is retained by us if members unsubscribe.

We will send an email to all members reminding them of the channels of communication with us.