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Northwick Park to Harrow Weald Quietway Proposal

This is the proposed route of the Harrow Quietway. The Quietways programme commenced under Mayor Boris Johnson aimed to build a cycle route in each borough, predominantly on quieter roads. Ideally these should be roads along cyclist desire lines from which through motor traffic has been removed. However, many of them have been substandard, either because they follow busy roads or are indirect.

The proposed route has changed several times (see

The sections along Station Road and George Gange Way use existing segregated cycle paths, and the remaining sections are along minor roads with some changes to junction geometry and parking restrictions, but no new restrictions on motor vehicle movement. The toucan crossing of Kenton Road will move about 100m to a more convenient location, and there will be new lighting along the path in Byron Park and the Belmont Trail.

Although this proposal includes some minor improvements, it is indirect, does not form a coherent route and does not follow a cycling desire line. It avoids the direct desire line of Station Road.

Please look at the cyclescape thread for discussion and comment:

Update: Meeting with Sustrans route manager 5 Apr 2018

Veronica and Anoop met with Sustrans to discuss the route. Sustrans has been contracted to be the delivery partner for Quietways but the routes are decided by TfL’s Quietway Delivery Panel. The brief is for a low intervention route that avoids major roads. Within this brief it is not possible to improve the straight line desire lines such as Station Road. However the exact route has not yet been decided, and current thinking is that there will be two more direct branches instead, one from Kenton to Wealdstone (either the existing route via Kenton Recreation Ground, or a parallel route along Francis Road) and another via Gayton Road and Bonnersfield Lane to Harrow Town centre. The connecting link along Elmgrove Avenue will be built but not signposted as part of the main route.

We would like completion of the Belmont Trail to be included in the plans.

Final route of proposed TfL/Sustrans quietway

Harrow Cyclists meeting 28 Mar 2018

Attendees: Veronica, Anoop, Alan, Penny

Apologies: Tony


Proposed Northwick Park to Wealdstone Quietway

The map of the current proposed Quietway route shows that it is indirect and includes a large amount of expenditure on minor changes to roads, such as converting speed cushions to sinusoidal speed humps. The Sustrans designer is James Taylor; Veronica will contact him to arrange a discussion and Anoop will meet with Barry Phillips and contact Graham Henson to feed back on the designs.

Our preferred route would be along the desire line of Station Road. However, if such a major segregated cycleway along a major road is not within the Quietways remit, then resurfacing the whole of the Belmont Trail (rather than just a short section) would be much more useful, and the route can go to Stanmore instead.

Liveable Harrow

Our Liveable Harrow proposals include cycle tracks along desire lines identified in TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis, such as along Station Road. We note the comments of one councillor candidate on the web form who stated that he supports a Liveable Neighbourhood and will attend the rally and bike ride, but does not support the construction of cycle lanes along major roads, but then added that he council has a statutory duty to keep cyclists and other traffic moving. We expect that many councillors need education on street design, and will arrange a trip to Waltham Forest mini-Holland for them to learn from the best in London. Anoop has been in touch with Paul Gasson (WF cycling campaign) about this.

Rally & bike ride 7 April

Several councillors and our assembly member, Navin Shah , have stated that they will attend and several others have sent in statements of support.

There has only been one reply on the web form, and we will add questions about party and email address to make the data more informative.

Plan for the rally and bike ride

  1. Hand out leaflets as people arrive.
  2. Introduction / chair – Veronica
  3. Speech – someone from LCC
  4. Specific demands – Anoop
  5. Ask candidates to come to the front and state their name and party – Veronica to ask, Penny to write down names
  6. Pose for photo – Veronica to ask people to arrange themselves
  7. Explain plan for ride – Veronica
  8. Ride – Veronica leading, Anoop and Tony in the middle, Alan at the rear

To do:

  • Find a volunteer to take photographs
  • Press release (Veronica to do)
  • Try to get Glenn’s twitter account @HarrowCyclists
  • Ask LCC for support or a speaker from the LCC central office (Anoop will email Simon Munk)
  • Email all councillors again to ask for their support, to fill in the survey and ask for manifesto support for a Liveable neighbourhood from all parties. Note that the recent ‘Cycling in Outer London’ report recommended that there should be no fixed time for submitting Liveable Neighbourhood bids, so that councils can submit them as and when ready. (Anoop will send another email)
  • Send out a message to members of our letsride group to publicise the event (Veronica will do)
  • Publicise the event on the LCC website (Anoop to do)

Next meeting and AGM

We will find out when David Turner and Tony can make it in order to organise our next meeting, which will be the AGM. In the meantime our rides programme continues, with the next ride being Tony’s ride to Hyde Park on Sunday 29 April.

Liveable Neighbourhood rally – 7 Apr 2018

Harrow Cyclists rally and bike ride at the Civic Centre

We gathered outside the main entrance to the Civic Centre to show support for a Liveable Neighbourhood in Harrow.

A Liveable Neighbourhood should be pleasant and walkable, and include a cycle network with safe, convenient routes separated from motor vehicles. Our proposal would transform central Harrow to make it a healthy, people-friendly place to live, work and visit.

Our London Assembly member, Navin Shah, and five councillors and councillor candidates attended:

Sue Anderson – Greenhill ward (Labour)

Chris Noyce – Rayners Lane ward (Liberal Democrats)

Linda Robinson – Stanmore Park ward (Green)

Madeline Atkins – Greenhill ward (Green)

Pietro Rescia – Rayners Lane ward (Liberal Democrats)

Jeremy Leach, chair of London Living Streets, spoke of the welcome aim for a more sustainable transport mix in the Mayoral Transport Strategy, but that this needs to be implemented – which means that boroughs such as Harrow need to develop high quality Liveable Neighbourhood proposals.

The rally was followed by a bike ride around central Harrow led by Veronica, which included some small pieces of cycle infrastructure but showed how much work was needed to make Harrow cycle friendly.

Speech by Jeremy Leach, chair of London Living Streets

Harrow Cyclists meeting, 21 Feb 2018

Attendees: Alan, Anoop, Tony, Penny
Apologies: Veronica


Update on Harrow Council’s plans

What has the council done well?

  • Strategy documents
  • Cycle parking
  • Minor links (zebra crossings, routes through parks etc.)

What has the council not done well?

  • Cycling in actual road schemes (station Road, Sudbury Village)
  • Belmont trail – need to remove cycle signs if there is no commitment to complete the route
  • No new cycle lanes on main roads

What should the council do differently?

  • Incorporate cycling & walking in all road schemes
  • Use section 106 money for cycling money
  • Develop a good Liveable Neighbourhood bid
  • Visit Waltham Forest

We propose a survey of councilors, to ask them:

  • to support Liveable Neighbourhood plan
  • to attend Waltham Forest mini Holland ride
  • to lead cycling in Harrow

Campaign plan for local election

  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Campaign actions
  • Publicity event

Campaign ideas

  • Liveable neighbourhood map + leaflet + first page of website
  • Detailed liveable neighbourhood plan on website
  • Letter to all councillors + survey
  • Letter to employers, schools, NHS etc.
  • Publicity event / ride
  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Photoshoot and rally in early April, to be arranged.


Penny will lead a ride to Brent Cross on 25 March 2018.

Date of next meeting

28 March, to finalise plans for Liveable Neighbourhood rally.

Harrow Cyclists ride to Hyde Park, 29 Apr 2018

This month Tony Levene is leading us into central London to enjoy the traffic-free cycle paths of Hyde Park. The ride will start at 10am outside Tesco, Hindes Road, Harrow, HA1 2TU. We’ll take a quiet route and there are plenty of stopping places, but bring water and snacks. You can do both ways (12 miles each way) or take the train for the return journey. Before the day please pump up your tyres, ensure that your brakes work and the wheels spin freely. Bring your Oyster card just in case, and a bike lock.

Please sign up on our letsride page:



Harrow Cyclists ride to the Rusty Bike Cafe, Sun 28 Jan 2018

Lovely Harrow Cyclists’ ride out on Sunday to the Rusty Bike Cafe in Uxbridge. The weather was so good we had our coffee outside! We discovered some of the unknown corners of NW London which you would never find if you weren’t on a bike. Great company with Tony, Kevin, Neal, Mick, Jackie, Corinne and Veronica. Thanks to Steph from The Bike Shop for the first photo. Not many thanks to Ealing for the most appalling piece of cycling ‘infrastructure’ – barriers on a cycle track, very difficult to negotiate and placed about every 50 metres along the track. Small wonder that people avoid it (as we did!). Tony is planning the next ride, so watch out for details.

Ride details on letsride:

Christmas Social 20 Dec 2017

We are holding a Christmas evening meal to meet fellow cyclists.

It will be at the Masa Afghan restaurant, Headstone Road, Wealdstone starting 7.30pm.  To avoid confusion, it’s the one on the same side as the Post Office. (There’s another one with almost the same name on the other side of the road.

This is a very reasonably priced place with both veggie and meat dishes. And while it does not serve beer or wine, you can bring your own if you wish.

Please let Tony know if you would like to come (

Ride to Brent Cross 19 Nov 2017

Harrow Cyclists next ride will be to Brent Cross, on Sunday 19th November.

We will depart from the North Harrow Bike shop at 10am.

For more information and to register, visit

Harrow Cyclists ride down the Chess Valley 29 Oct 2017

We shall be taking the 0943 train from North Harrow arriving in Chesham at 1014. This ride will get your heart pumping in more ways than one, covering some of the most beautiful Chiltern countryside as we descend the Chess Valley from Chesham to Croxley along quiet lanes. There are some hills (it is the Chilterns, after all) but you can push your bike up them if necessary and we always wait for the slowest rider. The views are stunning. There are a few short, busier stretches of road. Leaving Chesham we pass through Ley Hill, Latimer and Chenies before re-crossing the Chess and climbing to Sarratt. We’ll have a drink in The Boot before descending to Croxley via Rousebarn Lane. The ride ends at Croxley Metropolitan Line station, from which you can take the train back to Harrow. Don’t forget to pump up your tyres, check your brakes are working and wheels turning, and bring an Oyster card, water, a snack for energy, money for a drink in the pub, and a bike lock. If you can change your tyre – bring a spare inner tube! A hybrid is the best kind of bike for this ride as there are both road stretches up hills, and sections on tracks which could be muddy after rain.

Please note, this ride is now fully booked. Join our letsride group to find out about future rides: