January 2015 meeting

Minutes of Harrow Cyclists meeting Wed 28 January 2015

Attendees: Tony, Anoop, Alan, Ayesha

1. Feedback from LCC local groups forum (15 January 2015)

Anoop fed back from the local groups forum, where the LCC space for cycling petitions in individual boroughs were discussed. There were 4000 responses overall, but the number of responses varied widely between boroughs. In Harrow we felt that the number of individual responses was not high enough to make it worth presenting to the council but we could instead write to councillors asking them to fulfil their Space for Cycling pledges and implement the Harrow Cycling strategy.

2. Meetings with Harrow Council

Anoop has had meetings with Kevin Ratnasingam of Harrow Council, who had taken on board many of our comments regarding the cycling strategy. Specifically we wanted to ensure that cycling was considered in all planning schemes, and that there is an aspiration for a wider cycle network in Harrow which goes beyond the 3 planned Quietway routes.

The council has been talking about the need for external funding, but we decided to push for some simple measures which are necessary for a better cycling environment but do not require TfL funding. We will campaign for a 20mph borough-wide limit on all non-trunk roads, proper surfacing of the Belmont trail and removal of pedestrian guard rails (which cause inconvenient detours for pedestrians and are dangerous for cyclists). We will start to compile a database of small improvements which can be carried with small amounts of spare cash.

The next TARSAP meeting is 12 February, and Anoop will attend.

3. Harrow cyclists strategy

Attendance at meetings has been low recently, because many people are too busy to attend even though they support our aims. We will try to do more work electronically, and have fewer meetings in the winter. We will try to organise rides in the spring and summer.

Harrow Cyclists currently has a loose ‘committee’ of members who have elected positions or are actively involved and attend meetings. We decided this should be formalised and that the committee should have access to a secure online folder of electronic material on Google Drive. The committee currently consists of: Tony, Anoop, Glenn, Ayesha, David Turner, Alan and Veronica.

We plan to email to all councillors asking them to push for the measures outlined above. We will also print 500 A4 folded leaflets to distribute to bike shops and at events, which will cost about £130.

4. Next meeting

We may reduce the frequency of meetings to 2-monthly in the winter. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 28 February 2015 at 7.30pm, Tony’s house.

October 2014 meeting

15 October 2014, 7.30pm, at Tony’s house

Tony Levene, Anoop Shah

Penny, David Turner, David Arditti, Sam Fraser, Rhys Walsh


Latest dealings with Harrow Council

Harrow Council are waiting for a funding response from TfL for Quietways. We will then update our leaflet with the proposed routes so that there are concrete proposals to campaign for.

Campaign priorities

Letter to councillors about budget cuts and why it is sensible to prioritise cycling. Our main priority is to promote the major Quietway schemes and ensure they go ahead in Harrow.

Possible publicity event or ride or focussed campaign along the route of proposed Quietway.

Plan to meet councillor in charge of transport (Barry Kendler) — awaiting a response from his office.

We will also compile a list of minor improvements which Harrow can carry out with spare budget money.

Communication with members

We now have the following communication channels:

Twitter (to send brief messages, e.g. new web pages, events etc.)
Facebook (for communication and discussion)
Yahoo groups (to send email to a whole group)
LCC email list — members list and supporters list for Harrow (but need to let them know a few days in advance of messages to be sent; it is not possible for us to send emails directly)

We will try to maintain all these communication channels as they fulfil different purposes or reach different groups of members.

Next meeting — December 2014 (social)

More Autumn Breeze rides for women near Harrow

Friday October 17th: Easy Ebury
An easy flat ride, traffic free along a disused railway line between Bushey station and Rickmansworth. You can join us from a station in Harrow, or come direct to Bushey station from the Watford area. Coffee in Rickmansworth and return along the same route.
Wednesday November 5th: Ruislip Ramble
A gentle 9 miles around Ruislip and Pinner, following the general route of the River Pinn and taking in some hidden corners. Coffee in Ruislip Manor.
Friday November 14th: Osterley via the ‘Racecourse’
A longer ride but not too challenging – almost flat, plenty of off-road stretches, and the National Trust cakes at Osterley House to look forward to. Much of the return is along the canal – peaceful and beautiful. Back to Rayners Lane before school pickup time.
Wednesday November 19th: The Belmont Rattler
Riding round the quiet roads of Harrow Weald, Belmont and Wealdstone, this ride takes in Harrow’s only two (fairly short) off-road tracks, including our last working farm. You need a hybrid or mountain bike.
If there are rides you would like to do with Breeze, areas you would like to cover or times when you would like a ride to be organised, please contact Veronica and whe will try to lay something on. It helps if you can bring along at least 2 friends.

Autumn Breeze rides for women near Harrow

Saturday 27th September at 1.30pm: Pinner Arts Week – Sam Harvey and Artisans’ Fair

9 miles around Northwood Hills and Pinner, a little more challenging on the hills


Sunday 28th September at 10am: Pinner Arts Week – Robyn Wilson-Owen and West House

10 miles around Ruislip and Pinner, steady


Tuesday 30th September at 10am: Pinner Arts Week – Jeremy Deacon and West House

8 miles around the West of Harrow, easy


Wednesday 1st October at 10am: Pinner Arts Week – Photography Exhibition

12 miles around South Harrow and North Wembley, steady


Friday 3rd October at 10am: Pinner Arts Week – Brian and Eva Cowan and West House

9 miles around Harrow Weald, Belmont and Wealdstone, steady


Saturday 4th October at 1.30pm: Pinner Arts Week – Carole Griffin and Heath Robinson Gallery

12 miles around Harrow Weald, Belmont and Stanmore, steady


Sunday 5th October at 10.30am: Pinner Arts Week – St Anselm’s and West House

7 miles around Northwood Hills, Hatch End and Pinner, easy


There will also be an Easy Ebury ride on Wednesday 8th October at 9.51am from Hatch End station, after the Arts Week: Easy Ebury

September 2014 meeting

Wednesday 17 September, 7.30pm at Tony’s house

Attendees: Tony, Alan, Penny, Anoop, Sam, Glenn

1. Feedback from Ride London event on 9 August

The feeder ride from Harrow joined up with the Brent group at Wembley, and marshalling was then taken over by the Brent group. The group became quite large and there was some disorganisation. For the return ride the Brent leaders did not turn up so Tony had to lead the return ride for Harrow and Brent.

There was also poor organisation by Prudential; it was difficult to find the marshals refreshment point and the meeting point for the return ride was not clearly marked.

We decided that we will probably not provide a guided ride into London next year.

We will advise LCC that we do not think the event as it is run is worth it for LCC. LCC could try to have a presence at the events; for example marshal vests and T shirts could state London Cycling Campaign.

2. LCC Annual General Meeting – board voting and resolution

The LCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 11 October. Tony will attend, and other members are encouraged to do so.

5 members are to be elected to the board. Members should bear in mind that one of the candidates, Tony Martin, stood for the National Front in a recent local election.

Members who do not receive an email for voting are advised to contact LCC and inform them of your email address.

3. Meeting with the police

Tony had a constructive meeting with the police, and they are keen to reduce dangerous driving in Harrow and make it a safer place.

We should inform the police about worn advanced stop boxes which cannot be seen, so that they can put pressure on the council to repaint them. Glenn mentioned that dangerous driving near Stanmore College had decreased after a number of complaints made by residents. Drivers receive an initial warning letter and more serious action is taken on the second offence. Therefore if you witness bad driving do inform the police.

4. Harrow cycling plans

Harrow is developing plans for a number of major new cycle routes:

Cross-Harrow route

Jubilee route

Metropolitan routes

A TfL officer visited Harrow last month and surveyed the routes with Harrow council officers. Harrow needs to prepare a bid for TfL Quietways money. As there is strong competition between boroughs for this money, we need to maximise the chances of money being spent in Harrow to build these routes.

The design for the routes has not yet been done but we want to ensure that they are built to a high standard.

Tony suggested we could write an article for the local paper.

We should also develop a version of the Harrow Cyclists leaflet with these routes, and speak to / inform councillors (Anoop will bring it up at the TARSAP).

July 2014 Meeting

Minutes of meeting of Harrow Cyclists 16 July 2014 at Tony’s house

Attendees: Tony Levene, Melanie Smith, Veronica Chamberlain, Rhys Walsh, Anoop Shah

1. Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle Saturday 9 August

The Harrow feeder ride will depart Lowlands Road 9:30am, meeting up with the Brent group at Wembley at 10:15am. Tony will lead. Veronica and Rhys will marshal but more marshals are required.

The return trip usually has only one third the number of riders as many people come home by train. The London Midland route from Euston will be closed but London Overground will be running.

We can advertise it on iHarrow and council website. Veronica to write a press release after the event.

2. Police

Tony Levene has a meeting with the new Harrow police inspector who is in charge of traffic police. Issues to raise:

  • Advanced stop line enforcement
  • Cycle overtaking

3. Feedback from council meetings

Anoop attended the Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel (TARSAP) meeting on 15 July. The main topic which takes up a lot of time in these meetings is controlled parking zones, which some residents tend to oppose because of the need to buy permits while others support it in order for more on-road parking spaces to be available for residents. Anoop brought up the issue of cycling and the need to consider cycle provision in all road schemes (whether or not they are ‘cycle’ schemes), for example in the planned redesign of Station Road. Harrow also needs to prepare a bid for TfL funding for high quality cycle routes.

Key routes include:

  • Jubilee route (Honeypot Lane, Marsh Lane).
  • Alexandra Avenue / Rayners Lane to North Harrow and Pinner and/or George V.
  • East-West route to Wealdstone and beyond (Kodak site). Railway bridge needs to be sorted out.

We will write a letter to councillors and invite them to attend one of our meetings. We need to find out who is in charge of cycling (Councillor Barry Kendler is in charge of TARSAP) and who is portfolio holder for the environment. Anoop will collate a list of councillors who supported the Space for Cycling campaign.

4. Cycle parking and cycle hoops

Harrow on the Hill station, Pinner station and the old High Street need more cycle parking. Cycle Hoops have not been approved by the council. Some of the cycle parking money awarded to Harrow by TfL has been spent on unnecessary cycle stands rather than providing parking where it is required.

Veronica will raise the issue of parking at stations with TfL.

5. Any other business

Phasing of traffic lights at Kenton Road near Sainsbury is too short for groups of cyclists; Anoop will inform the council and inform TfL.

The road signing and arrows at the new junction with Headstone Road on College Road are ambiguous, and one member had experienced that this was dangerous. He also wanted an extension of the College Road cycle track. He told Tony he had had a discussion with a councillor who said there was a scrutiny committee who could be approached over council performance. We discussed this in the meeting and considered that the scrutiny committee was geared toward fraud detection rather than assessing the quality of road design and did not think it would be the most useful avenue to pursue. However we will step up our contact with the new council to try to improve the situation.

The Yahoo Groups email system does not seem to be performing satisfactorily, with some members not receiving emails about meetings. It is also difficult to find out who is subscribed. We should investigate an alternative.

Next meeting

Wed 17 September 2014 (originally 10 September).

However our next major event will be the feeder ride to RideLondon FreeCycle on Saturday 9 August. Please come and take photos and help out with marshalling if you can.

Summer Breeze rides for women in and near Harrow

Tour de Harrow Parks, Saturday 19 July 2014

This 19 mile ride will start by Harrow Leisure Centre. It will cover most of the borough of Harrow, with 12 different parks on the route, and although it isn’t a beginners’ ride, we will go at a steady pace and there are some lovely views.

For more details and to register visit http://www.goskyride.com/Search/Details?eventid=43935

Osterley ride, Saturday 17 August

Meet 10am from outside Rayners Lane station HA5 5EG

From Rayners Lane station we shall ride along the cycle path to Northolt bridge then through the ‘racecourse’ estate towards Northolt. The rest of the route will be on quiet roads, cycle paths and the canal tow path. We shall stop in the tea rooms at Osterley for refreshments before returning via a slightly different route. Approx 19 miles.

Please bring a padlock and some money for when we stop and I recommend carrying a spare inner tube.

For more details and to register visit http://www.goskyride.com/Search/Details?eventid=43228

Ruislip to Little Britain, Saturday 3 August

Depart 10am from Ruislip (rear of Specialized Concept shop in Ruislip HA4 7BD)

A circular route starting in Ruislip and riding along cycle lanes, quiet roads and canal tow path through to Little Britain we shall stop for refreshments at one of the pubs/cafes on the Canal before returning to Ruislip via a slightly different route, approx 15 miles.

Please bring a padlock and some money for when we stop. I also recommend you carry a spare inner tube.

For more details and to register visit http://www.goskyride.com/Search/Details?eventid=43785

Ruislip to Rickmansworth Aquadrome, Saturday 28 September

Depart  10am from Ruislip (rear of Specialized Concept shop in Ruislip HA4 7BD)

A ride on quiet roads, cycle paths and through parks via Northwood and Moor Park to Rickmansworth Aquadrome, where we stop for a drink before returning via the same route.

At the beginning of this ride there is a hill up to Northwood, but you can go up at your own pace and we shall regroup at the top. Approx 16 miles.

Please bring a padlock and some money for when we stop, and I recommend carrying a spare inner tube.

For more details and to register visit http://www.goskyride.com/Search/Details?eventid=43786

Annual General Meeting 11 June 2014

Annual General Meeting

Attendees: Tony Levene, Alan Blann, Rhys Walsh, David Arditti, Anoop Shah

Apologies: David Turner, Ayesha Garrett

1. Matters arising from AGM 2013 and review of year 2014

  • Our photoshoot and ride publicity event on 26 April was a success, with a number of councillors attending, and it was covered by the Harrow Observer and the Harrow Times
  • New website, new Facebook page, new Twitter feed
  • New council elected in May, many councillors supportive of cycling

2. Presentation of annual accounts

Harrow Cyclists Income & Expenditure Report 2013/14 (Statement of Financial Affairs)

General Fund (£) Restricted Funds (£) Total Funds (£)
Incoming Resources
Grants (see Note 1) 160 160
Donations 0
Other Income 4 4
Fund Income 0
Total Incoming Resources 164 0 164
Resources Expended
Running Costs (see Note 2) 83 83
Events Costs 0
Fundraising Costs 0
Campaigns 0
Other 0
Fund Expenditure
Total Resources Expended 83 0 83
Net Incoming Resources 81 0 81
Opening Balances at 1/4/2013 1,175 364 1,539
Closing Balances at 31/3/2014 1,256 364 1,619

Note 1 – Grants
Harrow group waived its entitlement to LCC central funding for 2013; however providing a feeder ride for 40 people to Prudential Ride London earned the group £160 out of £9000 received by LCC

Note 2 – Running costs
These comprise internet hosting £33, meeting and photocopying costs £15, other petty cash £35

Accounts signed off for 2013/2014.

3. Election of officers

  1. Co-ordinator – Tony Levene re-elected
  2. Treasurer – David Turner re-elected
  3. Secretary – Anoop Shah re-elected

4. Any other business

David Arditti updated us on the latest developments in TfL based on his recent conversation with Andrew Gilligan. The Harrow Road Cycle Superhighway has been cancelled. The A40 Westway route Superhighway will go ahead. Cycle Superhighway 11 will consist of wide bus lanes with wands along Finchley Road. Westminster Council is amenable to the Regents Park Outer Circle closing to through motor traffic, but surprisingly the Royal Parks oppose it.

Monthly meeting

1. Minutes of previous meeting

We reviewed the ward asks and started to think of priorities that we can recommend to the council.

2. Space for Cycling – did we do well?

Considering the small number of activists we did well to run the photoshoot event and get councillors to turn up.

3. Relationships with new council

The next TARSAP meeting will be 15 July.

We should write and ask for a meeting with the head of the council and the environment portfolio holder. Our frustration that there has been little progress despite many meetings over the past few years. Money would be much better spent on good quality schemes. New regulations do not require traffic calming for 20mph zones so they can be implemented more easily, but the council has always been reluctant to introduce 20mph zones.

Anoop to write to Sajjad to ask about another meeting with council officers before the TARSAP meeting.

4. College Road – report of meeting with councillor over new road mess

The College Road / Headstone Road junction has been remodelled so that both lanes of College Road turn right into Headstone Road. The arrows are confusing – they say straight on for right and left for straight. Some people have encountered conflicts between cycling straight ahead and motor vehicles going straight on. We will take this up with the council.

A nearby issue is the no cycling sign in Roxborough Road south roundabout next to cycle path, which needs to be removed.

5. Pinner Road – can we make it better?

Pinner Road is the link between Harrow town centre and North Harrow. It is marked as a cycle route with an advisory cycle lane in one direction and no cycle facilities in the other direction. There are wide footways but they partly consist of shop curtilage.  The road is too narrow for proper cycle paths unless on-street parking is removed. We think a half-hearted solution is not useful and a proper solution is expensive. It is better to concentrate on other routes initially.

6. Ride London (9 August)

We are planning a feeder ride – same route as last year (mainly LCN route 45 via Wembley Central, Harlesden, Notting Hill) from 9.30am. Tony will lead it. Brent cyclists are doing a feeder ride but they debated about whether it was worth it. Harrow Cyclists could pick up people from Wembley Central station on the way.

Ride London is a Saturday whereas Skyrides in previous years were on a Sunday, and traffic is heavier on Saturday. We will probably not organise a ride back because there are few people and it limits the activities of the people marshalling the ride.

7. North Harrow Community Partnership Sat 5 July 11am-1pm

We should consider having a stand at the North Harrow Community Partnership if we can find volunteers to man it. Tony can be there, it would be good if we could have another person.

8. Prioritising our campaigns

Options discussed in the last meeting:

  1. Double stop lines on the Alexandra Avenue cycle route, giving cyclists priority at junctions
  2. Resurfacing the Belmont Trail to give a smooth surface suitable for road bikes and less-confident cyclists, allowing a traffic-free ride almost from Stanmore to Wealdstone; this is the only dedicated traffic-free route in the borough
  3. Building a surfaced route across the field between Sylvia Avenue, Hatch End and South Oxhey (currently a public footpath well-used by cyclists) and providing suitable gates at either end; this would provide much-improved access between Harrow and Watford.
  4. A segregated route along King Goerge V Avenue between the Nower Hill school traffic lights and the Hatch End roundabout, jcn Uxbridge Road
  5. Segregation on Imperial Drive from the Rayners Lane one-way system to North Harrow
  6. Segregation on Parkside Way, Headstone Gardens and Headstone Drive to allow traffic free cycling between the borough boundary at Petts Hill to the centre of Wealdstone

The Belmont trail is not being surfaced with tarmac – they are using hoggin which becomes muddy in the rain and is not usable during bad weather.

Hindes Road should have measures to slow motor traffic. New DfT regulations will allow cycle crossing parallel to zebra crossing, which might be useful for this junction.

May 2014 meeting

There will be a meeting of Harrow Cyclists on Wednesday 14 May at 7.30 at 60 Longley Road, Harrow, HA1 4TH.


  1. LCC Big Ride in Central London on Saturday 17 May – do we want a feeder ride or should we just meet somewhere like Baker St or Euston (depending on which lines are running?)
  2. Our finances
  3. Success of new website
  4. Building on Space for Cycling success (we got into Harrow Times http://www.harrowtimes.co.uk/news/11179184.Cyclists_ride_together_as_part_of_London_campaign/)

Next meeting

The June meeting will be our long delayed Annual General Meeting. We need nominations for co-ordinator, treasurer, secretary, rides organiser. So please get thinking now!