Minutes of February 2014 Meeting

19 February 2014, 7.30pm at Tony’s house

Attendees: Tony, Anoop, Melanie, Ann, Alan, David Turner, David Arditti
Apologies: Ayesha, Glenn, Penny


1. Introduction to the campaign, welcome to new members
2. Website
3. Meeting with council 30 Jan 2014
4. Ratify ward asks
5. Campaign actions
6. Any other business

1. Introduction to the campaign, welcome to new members

The LCC space for cycling campaign aims to make cycling an election issue in every ward in London, to raise awareness and encourage politicians to commit to improving cycling infrastructure.

2. Website and facebook

The Harrow Cyclists website is being revamped, and the holding page was down at the time of the meeting but has since been reinstated. It needs to show more content soon in order to be useful for the campaign.

The Harrow Cyclists facebook group is a closed group, with people needing to be invited, and it can only be seen when people are logged in to facebook. David Arditti recommended that we have a new facebook page instead of a group, and to phase out the use of the group.
Action: Anoop to contact Ayesha and Glenn about setting up the facebook page and website

3. Meeting with council 30 Jan 2014

Anoop and Alan fed back from the meeting and we discussed the LIP schemes completed this year and those that are about to go ahead.

  • West Harrow Recreation Ground – the path through the park has been resurfaced and made into a 4m wide shared use path (previously cycling was prohibited), with new LED lighting. This was welcomed.
  • Roxbourne park cycle path – another good scheme with upgrading of the route through the park between High Worple and Canon Lane.
  • Sherwood road / Northolt Road link to be improved
  • Canterbury Road contraflow in North Harrow completed – however this is poorly engineered, with a very narrow cycle passage between the kerb and the traffic island – it is almost unusable. We will inform the council next meeting that it needs to be corrected. A priority or signalised crossing of Pinner Road would also be useful.
  • Vernon Drive / Honister Gardens link to Belmont Trail – this will be a useful link but should have tarmac surfacing rather than the sand / gravel surface that the council is planning.
  • Imperial Drive – the council had planned to make the footway shared use (even though we wanted a segregated cycle track), but this has not yet been done because of contractor delay. We will recommend a two way cycle track on one side of the road to connect up North Harrow and Rayners Lane cycle paths
  • Harrow Cycling Plan – TfL has suggested that it may prioritise the cross-Harrow route and the Jubilee route, but nothing has been decided for sure.
  • Stanmore to the Thames cycle route – this route will go ahead but the most useful part, the route through Stanmore golf course, may not be built because of objection from the golf course and cost issues.
  • Cycle parking – the council states the contractors should reinstate cycle parking on St Ann’s Road (removed during the refurbishment)

Action: Anoop to feed back to the council

4. Ratify ward asks

We discussed the ward asks – see http://bit.ly/1jZ2aZz
(map: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/edit?mid=zLDKARCYo6Pg.kGr-U-uBu4p0)

We will try to allocate one or more LCC members from each ward to contact councillors. If we cannot find a LCC member in a ward we will send a letter from harrow Cyclists officially.

We will consider writing to schools and suggest they support our plans. We will also try to engage local groups (e.g. Jetstream triathlon club – Ann).

5. Campaign actions

We can write letters to the press – Harrow Observer. Tony advised we should write letters before the weekend, keep them short and try to raise a specific issue.

Tony will plan for a Harrow Observer press release in early March.

6. AOB

Tony will ask Amy Summers for a list of LCC members in Harrow, so that we can contact them directly about our campaign.