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Details of Harrow Cyclists meetings

Harrow Cyclists meeting 28 Mar 2018

Attendees: Veronica, Anoop, Alan, Penny

Apologies: Tony


Proposed Northwick Park to Wealdstone Quietway

The map of the current proposed Quietway route shows that it is indirect and includes a large amount of expenditure on minor changes to roads, such as converting speed cushions to sinusoidal speed humps. The Sustrans designer is James Taylor; Veronica will contact him to arrange a discussion and Anoop will meet with Barry Phillips and contact Graham Henson to feed back on the designs.

Our preferred route would be along the desire line of Station Road. However, if such a major segregated cycleway along a major road is not within the Quietways remit, then resurfacing the whole of the Belmont Trail (rather than just a short section) would be much more useful, and the route can go to Stanmore instead.

Liveable Harrow

Our Liveable Harrow proposals include cycle tracks along desire lines identified in TfL’s Strategic Cycling Analysis, such as along Station Road. We note the comments of one councillor candidate on the web form who stated that he supports a Liveable Neighbourhood and will attend the rally and bike ride, but does not support the construction of cycle lanes along major roads, but then added that he council has a statutory duty to keep cyclists and other traffic moving. We expect that many councillors need education on street design, and will arrange a trip to Waltham Forest mini-Holland for them to learn from the best in London. Anoop has been in touch with Paul Gasson (WF cycling campaign) about this.

Rally & bike ride 7 April

Several councillors and our assembly member, Navin Shah , have stated that they will attend and several others have sent in statements of support.

There has only been one reply on the web form, and we will add questions about party and email address to make the data more informative.

Plan for the rally and bike ride

  1. Hand out leaflets as people arrive.
  2. Introduction / chair – Veronica
  3. Speech – someone from LCC
  4. Specific demands – Anoop
  5. Ask candidates to come to the front and state their name and party – Veronica to ask, Penny to write down names
  6. Pose for photo – Veronica to ask people to arrange themselves
  7. Explain plan for ride – Veronica
  8. Ride – Veronica leading, Anoop and Tony in the middle, Alan at the rear

To do:

  • Find a volunteer to take photographs
  • Press release (Veronica to do)
  • Try to get Glenn’s twitter account @HarrowCyclists
  • Ask LCC for support or a speaker from the LCC central office (Anoop will email Simon Munk)
  • Email all councillors again to ask for their support, to fill in the survey and ask for manifesto support for a Liveable neighbourhood from all parties. Note that the recent ‘Cycling in Outer London’ report recommended that there should be no fixed time for submitting Liveable Neighbourhood bids, so that councils can submit them as and when ready. (Anoop will send another email)
  • Send out a message to members of our letsride group to publicise the event (Veronica will do)
  • Publicise the event on the LCC website (Anoop to do)

Next meeting and AGM

We will find out when David Turner and Tony can make it in order to organise our next meeting, which will be the AGM. In the meantime our rides programme continues, with the next ride being Tony’s ride to Hyde Park on Sunday 29 April.

Harrow Cyclists meeting, 21 Feb 2018

Attendees: Alan, Anoop, Tony, Penny
Apologies: Veronica


Update on Harrow Council’s plans

What has the council done well?

  • Strategy documents
  • Cycle parking
  • Minor links (zebra crossings, routes through parks etc.)

What has the council not done well?

  • Cycling in actual road schemes (station Road, Sudbury Village)
  • Belmont trail – need to remove cycle signs if there is no commitment to complete the route
  • No new cycle lanes on main roads

What should the council do differently?

  • Incorporate cycling & walking in all road schemes
  • Use section 106 money for cycling money
  • Develop a good Liveable Neighbourhood bid
  • Visit Waltham Forest

We propose a survey of councilors, to ask them:

  • to support Liveable Neighbourhood plan
  • to attend Waltham Forest mini Holland ride
  • to lead cycling in Harrow

Campaign plan for local election

  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Campaign actions
  • Publicity event

Campaign ideas

  • Liveable neighbourhood map + leaflet + first page of website
  • Detailed liveable neighbourhood plan on website
  • Letter to all councillors + survey
  • Letter to employers, schools, NHS etc.
  • Publicity event / ride
  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Photoshoot and rally in early April, to be arranged.


Penny will lead a ride to Brent Cross on 25 March 2018.

Date of next meeting

28 March, to finalise plans for Liveable Neighbourhood rally.

Christmas Social 20 Dec 2017

We are holding a Christmas evening meal to meet fellow cyclists.

It will be at the Masa Afghan restaurant, Headstone Road, Wealdstone starting 7.30pm.  To avoid confusion, it’s the one on the same side as the Post Office. (There’s another one with almost the same name on the other side of the road.

This is a very reasonably priced place with both veggie and meat dishes. And while it does not serve beer or wine, you can bring your own if you wish.

Please let Tony know if you would like to come (

Annual general meeting Wed 10 May 2017

Annual General Meeting

Wed 10 May, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road, Harrow, HA1 4TH.

Attendees: Tony, Alan, David Turner, Anoop

Apologies: Veronica

1. Report on the year

In 2016-2017 we led a successful ride to and from the RideLondon FreeCycle, with about 60 people on the way in and 30 people on the way back. However, we have not made much progress with the council, and key cycle routes proposed in the Vision for Cycling and the Cycling Strategy have been abandoned in the new Heart of Harrow development.

2. Finances 2016-2017

Income: £2 (bank interest)
(Income from Prudential RideLondon 2016 has not yet been received)

Opening balance at 1/4/2016 £1733
Closing balance at 31/3/2017 £1735

Money from police project to refurbish bicycles (about 6 years ago) will be transferred from restricted funds to general funds.

We originally responded to LCC’s request for funds by offering £1000 for LCC central funds, but they have not requested it so far. We therefore decide to keep this money in the Harrow account. David Turner and Anoop Shah will be the signatories for cheques.

3. Election of officers

a) Co-ordinator

Tony was re-elected as co-ordinator.

b) Secretary

Anoop was re-elected as secretary.

c) Treasurer

David Turner was re-elected as treasurer.

Ordinary meeting


Meeting 1 Mar 2017

Minutes of meeting on Wednesday 1 March, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road

Attendees: Tony, Anoop, Penny, Veronica

Apologies: Alan Blann

1. Heart of Harrow route

In the 2013 Vision for Cycling, Harrow council proposed a route along Station Road, which currently has no cycling facilities. This important route has been removed from recent Harrow proposals but we propose that it should have high quality cycle tracks from Northwick Park roundabout to Wealdstone.

2. Wealdstone regeneration

The new civic centre will have limited parking, which means that many employees will no longer be able to drive. We could push for Harrow council to encourage its staff to cycle, as Ealing council did when they moved their civic centre. The proposed redevelopment of roads around Wealdstone will have minimal cycling facilities.

3. Harrow politics

With the upcoming council elections, we aim to engage with both main political parties to encourage councillors to commit to improving cycling conditions in Harrow. Anoop will try to arrange a meeting with Susan Hall (conservative).

4. Rides programme

We would like to have a regular rides programme to help to engage new members. Rides will be at a gentle speed, 10-20 miles with a coffee stop, on Sunday mornings.

  • Sun 23 April 2017, Ride around Harrow, Penny to lead, starting at North Harrow bike shop
  • Sun 28 May 2017, Veronica to lead a ride
  • Sun 25 June 2017, Tony to lead a ride
  • Sat 29 July 2017, Ride to/from Prudential RideLondon, Veronica / Tony to lead outward and return rides
  • Sun 20 Aug 2017, Anoop to lead a ride

We will advertise rides on (a local neighbourhood social website) and (British Cycling) as well as the usual channels. The aim is to build up a community with regular rides in order to eventually increase the number of activists.

5. Next meeting

The next meeting will be our Annual General meeting. The provisional date will be 19 April 2017, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road.


Meeting 5 Oct 2016

The meeting was held on Wednesday 5th October 2016, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road, Harrow.

Apologies: Mohamed Ladha, Veronia Chamberlain

Attendees: Tony Levene, Anoop Shah


LCC Annual General Meeting 15 October 2016

We discussed the LCC motions and would encourage all LCC members to vote in the trustee elections.

Harrow council’s proposed cycle schemes

We discussed the following two small-scale schemes proposed by Harrow for implementation this year:

  • A ‘tiger’ (zebra / cycle) crossing of Christchurch Avenue at the south end of the Belmont Trail, and a widened shared use footway on the south side of Christchurch Avenue linking it to Kenmore Avenue. We support this scheme, but would like the shared footway extended along Christchurch Avenue so that cyclists can reach Harrow Leisure Centre without having to negotiate the roundabout at Forward Drive.
  • Footway along the dual carriageway part of Imperial Drive converted to shared use, with removal of the current dangerous advisory cycle lanes in the door zone. We support this scheme as long at the footways are continuous along side road junctions in order to enforce pedestrian and cyclist priority.  A segregated cycle path would be preferable but would be more expensive. As the footways are wide and pedestrian density is low along this stretch the plan for shared footway is reasonable. The missing link between the Imperial Drive / Ridgeway junction and North Harrow station should be built next.

Liaison with councillors and engineers in improving Harrow’s transport policies

Harrow has approved a cycling strategy but many road schemes currently ignore cycling. We have written to all councillors asking for this to be changed, and for the London Cycling Design Standard to be applied, as it is in other London boroughs. Councillors Sue Anderson, Susan Hall, Ameet Jogia, Ajay Maru, Christine Robson, Sachin Shah, Norman Stevenson, Adam Swersky and Georgia Weston replied in support.

Anoop is meeting with council engineers on Friday 14 October to try to push for improvements.

Simple policy changes consistent with the London Cycling Design Standard (LCDS) which would cost nothing but make a difference include:

  • Allowing cyclists to travel in both directions on minor residential one-way streets (LCDS chapter 4, page 47) “Unless there are over-riding reasons not to, there should be a presumption that contraflow cycling should be provided for in any one-way street”.
  • Full-width sinusoidal speed bumps rather than speed cushions (LCD chapter 3, page 45) “Speed cushions are not recommended for cycle use … they rarely have a significant speed-reducing effect on certain wider-based vehicles and on powered two wheelers”.
  • 20mph speed limits in all residential zones and high streets rather than limited areas around schools (LCDS chapter 3, page 21) “An 85th percentile maximum speed of 20mph should be aimed for on roads forming part of designated cycling routes, including local streets, town squares and city places”.

Harrow mini-Holland

Harrow needs a massive investment in cycling and a comprehensive cycle network. This is particularly important near the town centre, where hundreds of new flats are about to be built. We need to decide on a strategy to maximise the chance of major investment in cycling in Harrow. This may include:

  • Producing a detailed plan and visualisation of a ‘Heart of Harrow’ cycle network
  • Arranging a Waltham Forest study tour for Harrow  councillors and engineers
  • Bike ride / photoshoot demonstration
  • Lobbying the London Assembly for more funding for cycling in outer London
  • Gaining the support of large organisations and community groups

Next meeting

To be arranged.

Meeting 6 Sep 2016


Meeting Tuesday 6 September 2016, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road, Harrow.

Attendees: Tony Levene, Penny, David Turner, Alan Blann, Mohamed Ladha, Anoop Shah


Our account balance is approximately £1700 but we spend only small amounts for publicity materials. LCC is requesting that boroughs which do not need all their money return half of it to LCC to be used by the central campaign.

Harrow Cyclists members present at the meeting voted on this motion and agreed to give back half of our balance.

Liaison with the council

We will email councillors who supported Space for Cycling 2 years ago and ask them what progress they have made towards these aims. We will publicize all responses on our website. We will also email Barry Kendler and Graham Henson with more detailed demands.

Harrow has a Cycling Strategy, with the aim of making the borough more cycling-friendly, but current road schemes still do not consider cycling as a worthwhile mode of transport.

Next meeting

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 5th October 2016, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road.

Annual General Meeting, 4 May 2016

Attendees: Tony Levene, Anoop Shah, David Turner, Alan Blann, Veronica

Annual general meeting

1. Review of year

This year we successfully led a ride to Ride London in August 2015, we attended TARSAP meetings and other meetings with council officers and councillors and organised a lunchtime bike ride for the council. We have had discussions with politicians including Barry Kendler (head of TARSAP) and Navin Shah (our London Assembly member). Meeting attendance has been variable. We tried holding meetings in a pub but it was a noisy environment and did not lead to a significant increase in membership, so we have reverted to meetings at Tony’s house.

2. Accounts

Income: £180 from Prudential RideLondon feeder ride. Other income: £4 bank interest. Expenditure: £19 on meetings. Closing bank balance as at 31 March 2016: £1733.

Accounts approved by treasurer, secretary and co-ordinator.

3. Election of officers

Co-ordinator – Tony Levene re-elected

Secretary – Anoop Shah re-elected

Treasurer – David Turner re-elected

Rides – vacant position, any interest would be welcome (Veronica does rides for Breeze but does not have time to do general rides)

Website – Glenn has set up the infrastructure but now lives abroad, Ayesha set up the website but has not been involved recently, any interest would be welcome

4. Any other business

New Harrow constitution (based on LCC model constitution) approved by AGM.

Regular meeting

1. State of play at the council

We will approach the council after the Mayoral election to discuss new cycling schemes. We suggest encouraging Brent and Harrow councils to work together and hold a joint event with councillors and officers, with speakers from TfL and the mini-Holland boroughs. We would aim for September or October as a date for this meeting.

2. Mayoral manifestos and LCC actions

All Mayoral candidates have endorsed LCC’s motions for a mini-Holland in every borough.

3. Ride London

We expect we will be asked to lead a ride to the Prudential RideLondon FreeCycle on Saturday 31 July 2016. However, David and Tony will not be available that day. Veronica has agreed to lead the ride. David will ask Watford Spokes members if they would be willing to help.

We are in need of more marshals so please let us know if anyone else would be willing to help out.

4. Next meeting

Wed 15 June 2016, 7.30pm at Tony’s house (60 Longley Road)

5. Any other business

We would advise the council to develop high quality mini-Holland proposals. The proposals for the last cycle were hastily put together. Harrow engineers do not have experience of building high quality cycle facilities and have been refusing to implement the current London Cycle Design Standards. For a mini-Holland to be successfully planned and built in Harrow, appropriate people need to be employed on the project. If this cannot be found within the council, they need to budget consultancy money for developing schemes (e.g. consultancy services bought from LCC, which has contributed to the success of the Walthamstow mini-Holland).

March 2016 meeting

Minutes of meeting 23 March 2016

Attendees: Tony, Alan, Anoop, David Arditti, Veronica, Penny

Interface with the council

Tony had a meeting with Barry Kendler a few weeks after the TARSAP meeting. Tony suggested to Barry that Harrow builds the Hatch End / Sylvia Avenue link. Harrow council will be busy for the next couple of months; Barry has asked that we come back in June with new ideas, after the Mayoral election.

Tony suggested we concentrate on straight, direct routes. Provision should be segregated cycle lanes with a consistent level of provision, or mandatory cycle lanes in areas that are not wide enough. Anoop suggested that Harrow could hold an evening meeting or forum and invite speakers from TfL and mini-Holland boroughs. This would help Harrow to show TfL that it is enthusiastic for cycling.

Harrow Cyclists policies:

  • All cycle lanes should be mandatory with no car parking
  • No cycle lanes in door zone
  • Cycle routes should be along desire lines — a combination of segregation on main roads and closure of minor roads to through traffic
  • Follow the London Cycling Design Standards

Objectives of Harrow’s cycle route strategy:

  • Linking up schools to catchment areas
  • Linking up local town centres

We should focus on segregated routes along main roads initially.

The increasing number of small flats without parking means that walking, cycling and public transport will have to be the main means of transport for many residents in Harrow.

We will prepare a proposal to submit to the council after the Mayoral election.

David thinks there will not be enough cash for a mini-Holland in every borough, so there will be a competition. It is therefore important that Brent and Harrow learn from other mini-Holland boroughs.

Sign for Cycling campaign

Tony distributed campaign materials which we will use to try to get people to sign the petition for the Mayoral election.


Harrow Cyclists will adopt the London Cycling Campaign model constitution, to replace our existing constitution.

Next meeting: Annual General Meeting, 4 May 2016

February 2016 meeting

Wed 24 Feb, 7.30pm, in the Harrow pub (269-271 Station Road, Harrow, London, HA1 2TB)


1. Dealings with the council.

I think it might be an improvement if the
council told us what it is currently prepared to do rather than we react
to each proposal (by which it is too late). Tony is due to meet with
Cllr Barry Kendler (chairman of TARSAP) and hope we can move to a positive engagement.

2. Update on roadworks.

3. Sign up for Cycling.

This is the LCC campaign around the mayoral
elections. Do we wish to become involved and, if so, to what degree?

4. Group constitution.

We need to review our group Constitution. We could consider adopting the Model Constitution from LCC that most borough groups already do/ or will soon, subscribe to.

5. Venue.

This will be our second visit to the Harrow. Does it work?
Is it quiet enough? What are the other options?

6. Any other business.