Healthy Streets for Harrow

We are campaigning for Healthy Streets in Harrow, which are enjoyed by people rather than dominated by motor traffic.

We advocate principles similar to the Dutch road network and the Waltham Forest mini-Holland, with through motor traffic restricted in residential areas, better pedestrian crossings, protected cycle lanes along major roads, a default 20mph speed limit for most roads, and better cycle parking.

The Netherlands has the highest rates of cycling, the happiest teenagers, and is the only European country in which obesity has not been increasing. Fewer people are physically inactive compared to the UK because they are enabled and encouraged to walk or cycle for everyday journeys.

The mini-Holland scheme in Waltham Forest has had impressive results within just a few years – traffic is down by 16%, people are walking and cycling more, and children in Waltham Forest have an extra 6 weeks life expectancy because of reduced pollution.

Streets with less motor traffic are also more sociable, and encourage strong community spirit, creating a happier society.

We want all this for Harrow, which is why we are bringing together everyone with a similar aim to show Harrow council how much support there is for healthy streets in Harrow.

This campaign is necessary because politicians and council officials have previously been reluctant to prioritise walking and cycling over motor transport. Many drivers don’t realise that by driving through residential areas, they cause pollution, noise and danger to local residents, and discourage people from walking and cycling.

Harrow Council has a duty to do what is best for people as a whole, which means taking positive action to make our streets a better place.

Please join us in our campaign for Healthy Streets for Harrow!

If you support our campaign, please follow us on Twitter (@HealthyStHarrow) and like our Facebook page ( Let your family, friends and local councillors know! Thank you!

a borough group of the London Cycling Campaign