Harrow Cyclists meeting, 21 Feb 2018

Attendees: Alan, Anoop, Tony, Penny
Apologies: Veronica


Update on Harrow Council’s plans

What has the council done well?

  • Strategy documents
  • Cycle parking
  • Minor links (zebra crossings, routes through parks etc.)

What has the council not done well?

  • Cycling in actual road schemes (station Road, Sudbury Village)
  • Belmont trail – need to remove cycle signs if there is no commitment to complete the route
  • No new cycle lanes on main roads

What should the council do differently?

  • Incorporate cycling & walking in all road schemes
  • Use section 106 money for cycling money
  • Develop a good Liveable Neighbourhood bid
  • Visit Waltham Forest

We propose a survey of councilors, to ask them:

  • to support Liveable Neighbourhood plan
  • to attend Waltham Forest mini Holland ride
  • to lead cycling in Harrow

Campaign plan for local election

  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Campaign actions
  • Publicity event

Campaign ideas

  • Liveable neighbourhood map + leaflet + first page of website
  • Detailed liveable neighbourhood plan on website
  • Letter to all councillors + survey
  • Letter to employers, schools, NHS etc.
  • Publicity event / ride
  • Liveable neighbourhood plan
  • Photoshoot and rally in early April, to be arranged.


Penny will lead a ride to Brent Cross on 25 March 2018.

Date of next meeting

28 March, to finalise plans for Liveable Neighbourhood rally.