March 2016 meeting

Minutes of meeting 23 March 2016

Attendees: Tony, Alan, Anoop, David Arditti, Veronica, Penny

Interface with the council

Tony had a meeting with Barry Kendler a few weeks after the TARSAP meeting. Tony suggested to Barry that Harrow builds the Hatch End / Sylvia Avenue link. Harrow council will be busy for the next couple of months; Barry has asked that we come back in June with new ideas, after the Mayoral election.

Tony suggested we concentrate on straight, direct routes. Provision should be segregated cycle lanes with a consistent level of provision, or mandatory cycle lanes in areas that are not wide enough. Anoop suggested that Harrow could hold an evening meeting or forum and invite speakers from TfL and mini-Holland boroughs. This would help Harrow to show TfL that it is enthusiastic for cycling.

Harrow Cyclists policies:

  • All cycle lanes should be mandatory with no car parking
  • No cycle lanes in door zone
  • Cycle routes should be along desire lines — a combination of segregation on main roads and closure of minor roads to through traffic
  • Follow the London Cycling Design Standards

Objectives of Harrow’s cycle route strategy:

  • Linking up schools to catchment areas
  • Linking up local town centres

We should focus on segregated routes along main roads initially.

The increasing number of small flats without parking means that walking, cycling and public transport will have to be the main means of transport for many residents in Harrow.

We will prepare a proposal to submit to the council after the Mayoral election.

David thinks there will not be enough cash for a mini-Holland in every borough, so there will be a competition. It is therefore important that Brent and Harrow learn from other mini-Holland boroughs.

Sign for Cycling campaign

Tony distributed campaign materials which we will use to try to get people to sign the petition for the Mayoral election.


Harrow Cyclists will adopt the London Cycling Campaign model constitution, to replace our existing constitution.

Next meeting: Annual General Meeting, 4 May 2016