Meeting 22 Aug 2018


Attendees: Tony Levene, Veronica Chamberlain, Anoop Shah, Glenn Stewart, Penny Hayward

1. Review of mini-Holland tour

The tour was well attended by engineers and two of the councillors on TARSAP also attended (Jerry Miles – chair, Sarah Butterworth). During the tour we discussed barriers to implementing a similar strategy in Harrow. Lack of funding was a prominent theme but lack of political will seemed to be just as important, if not more.
Ideas that we would like to see implemented in Harrow include low traffic neighbourhoods, segregated cycle paths along main roads, bike hangars, car clubs and dockless bike hire. It would also be good to have a collaborative approach between council officers and campaigners, as in Waltham Forest.

2. Proposal for Harrow cycle network / Liveable Neighbourhood

Veronica proposed the name ‘Healthy Streets for Harrow’ as the name of the campaign for mini-Holland style improvements in Harrow. This campaign would aim to appeal to non-cyclists, and we would seek support from a wide range of health and community organisations in Harrow. At this stage the emphasis would be for the council to agree on the principles, aiming for the benefits of healthy children, clean air, more physical activity etc., rather than asking for commitment to individual schemes. Cycling should be considered a normal transport option.

Healthy Streets for Harrow will have a facebook page and a Twitter account.

3. Future meeting and liaison with the council

Anoop will arrange a meeting with council officers and aim to do a joint presentation at the next Traffic and Road Safety Advisory Panel meeting. This presentation should emphasise the widespread benefits of the mini-Holland scheme, including air quality, healthy children, public health and better transport. This should be framed in the context of the Mayoral Transport Strategy and Harrow’s Cycling and environmental strategies. We note that Kingston has misused some mini-Holland funds to improve the roads for motorists, but Enfield has been doing good work. Waltham Forest was chosen for the tour as it was easy to get to and is the most advanced of all the mini-Holland boroughs.

Some councillors stated they were interested in a mini-Holland tour but were not able to attend. Anoop will email an update to all councillors, asking those who stated an interest in a mini-Holland tour which dates they can make.

Tony has met Varsha Parmar and introduced the idea about investing in walking and cycling, and will invite her to one of our committee meetings.

Harrow’s Cycling Strategy dated 2015-2018 is coming to the end, and we should hold the council to account for what they stated they would have achieved. Tony will review the strategy and also the party manifestos, and write a press release about progress on cycling to date.

Waltham Forest has been using money from motorist fines to improve the streets. Tony will find out what happens to parking income and fines in Harrow, as we suspect they may be diverted to other budgets.

4. Rides

The ride to and from Ride London was successful. We had about 45 riders on the way in and 15 on the way back, and Tesco Harrow kindly provided water and fruit for people at the start.
The rides programme has been popular, except that family rides are poorly attended and we decided that we would not do them in future. We are trying to organise a regular drop-in session at the Red Cup Cafe after bike rides, to start to build a grassroots movement and get more help for the campaign.
Veronica will give out questionnaires after the bike ride this Saturday (25 August)

5. Next meeting

Wednesday 10th October, 7.30pm at 60 Longley Road, Harrow, HA1 4TH