Meeting 4 July 2018

Minutes of Harrow Cyclists meeting held on 4 July 2018 at 60 Longley Road, Harrow.

Present: Tony, Penny, Veronica

Apologies: Anoop

Mini-Holland visit:

Anoop was organising a visit to Waltham Forest for Harrow Council officers and councillors [now August 9th]. Tony to contact Varsha Parmar to encourage her to engage with us, stressing availability of S106 and TfL funding. Suggested she might see us September. He suggested a basic discussion: why Harrow has such low levels of cycling and why it is not attracting TfL money.

Ride London:

Tony to respond to Thea’s email. Tony will lead into London at 9am and Veronica back at 3.30pm. Possible marshals: Rhys and his sister Ciara; Penny, David Turner, John O’Connor, Mark Humphryes, Breeze Champions Evelyn, Debbie, Janet, Vicky, Nicky; Amanda and Nick Deal, Jo Payne; could do appeal in the Harrow Cyclists letsride Group. Veronica to ask Anoop for Harrow Cyclists leaflets to hand out to riders and to try to recruit marshals. These are especially for Tony to hand out in the morning and publicise our work.

Harrow Cyclists’ led rides:

July – Ride London

August 25th (NB Saturday) – Veronica at 1pm, finishing at Red Cup Cafe North Harrow

Sep 30th – David

October 28th – Penny

November 25th – possibly Anoop? Veronica to ask

Financial matters:

Tony to ask David for petty cash and clarify/update cheque signatories.

Building a Campaign:

We agreed that we needed to widen the campaign and develop a vision to involve other Harrow people and groups, beginning with those who supported the election Liveable Neighbourhoods campaign. Veronica will contact Lib Dem candidates especially Pietro Rescia who is a cyclist and transport engineer [now done – very interested] , also Breeze riders and other candidates. We should get people out on the ‘Quietway’ about to be installed (a few measures along the Met Line). Ask Harrow Council to advertise our rides in their e-newsletter. We have about 40 LCC members (Anoop has list?). Put Harrow Cyclists leaflets on bikes at station parks.

We would finish our rides at the Red Cup Cafe and have a regular meet-up there for cyclists, beginning on 25th August.

Date of next meeting: possibly August 20, 21 or 22. Veronica to check with Anoop.