Northwick Park to Harrow Weald Quietway Proposal

This is the proposed route of the Harrow Quietway. The Quietways programme commenced under Mayor Boris Johnson aimed to build a cycle route in each borough, predominantly on quieter roads. Ideally these should be roads along cyclist desire lines from which through motor traffic has been removed. However, many of them have been substandard, either because they follow busy roads or are indirect.

The proposed route has changed several times (see

The sections along Station Road and George Gange Way use existing segregated cycle paths, and the remaining sections are along minor roads with some changes to junction geometry and parking restrictions, but no new restrictions on motor vehicle movement. The toucan crossing of Kenton Road will move about 100m to a more convenient location, and there will be new lighting along the path in Byron Park and the Belmont Trail.

Although this proposal includes some minor improvements, it is indirect, does not form a coherent route and does not follow a cycling desire line. It avoids the direct desire line of Station Road.

Please look at the cyclescape thread for discussion and comment:

Update: Meeting with Sustrans route manager 5 Apr 2018

Veronica and Anoop met with Sustrans to discuss the route. Sustrans has been contracted to be the delivery partner for Quietways but the routes are decided by TfL’s Quietway Delivery Panel. The brief is for a low intervention route that avoids major roads. Within this brief it is not possible to improve the straight line desire lines such as Station Road. However the exact route has not yet been decided, and current thinking is that there will be two more direct branches instead, one from Kenton to Wealdstone (either the existing route via Kenton Recreation Ground, or a parallel route along Francis Road) and another via Gayton Road and Bonnersfield Lane to Harrow Town centre. The connecting link along Elmgrove Avenue will be built but not signposted as part of the main route.

We would like completion of the Belmont Trail to be included in the plans.

Final route of proposed TfL/Sustrans quietway